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Development and application of aerodynamic deceleration systems and lifting parachutes, pararotators, sand inflatable decelerators for aerodynamic deceleration, sustentation, and landing of manned and unmanned vehicles.

Ram-Air Parachute Design by Dr. J. Stephen Lingard
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24th AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference

Location:   Denver, Colorado
Date:   June 5th-9th 2017
Venue:   Sheraton Downtown Hotel

In 2017, the ADS Technical Committee will host the 24th Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference at the AIAA AVIATION Forum in Denver.  The ADS Conference will be joined by 17 other Technical Conferences, including the Balloons, and Lighter-than-Air Conferences. 

This year we have exciting updates from the NASA Orion parachute system, breakthroughs in trajectory planning and guidance methodologies for ram-air parachutes, a stimulating student paper competition, thought-provoking wind tunnel and drop test data, as well as innovations in instrumentation and materials.

Join us in Denver for the opportunity to interact with researchers, system developers, product support personnel, managers, and business developers from throughout industry, government, and academia. 

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NEW! Speech by Leslie Irvin and Discussions with Theo Knacke
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